TS200 – Automated Levelling Machine


Masterscreed TS200



Technical Specifications TS200

  • Screeder head = 3000 mm (different lengths – optional)
  • Boom reach = 6500mm
  • Dimensions = L 5000 x W 2500 x H 2500 mm
  • Engine = Four cylinder Deutz engine with 71HP with safety and fuel efficiency
  • Traction and steering = Hydraulic motor for each wheel; 4 wheel steering
  • 360° Swing auto grease of rotation bearing
  • Automatic levelling of the machine along x and y axis for a high steadiness of the laser automated screed
  • Joystick steering – the operator can steer the machine without releasing their grip on the joystick controllers
  • Central Computer with Graphic Terminal for controlling the proportional movements
  • High performance up to 5000 m2 per shift
  • Saving in labor costs, only a few operators required to provide high performance and top quality
  • PANOLIN biodegradable lubricants
  • Pressure washer, hose and gun with water tank for cleaning
  • 3d ready, cables and computer mount ready for 3d or gps paving system
  • Latest F1 sensors for accurate level control

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