Masterscreed MS575

Powerful, Versatile and Intelligent Automated Screed

The MS575 is equipped with an advanced operating system


Automated Easy

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Plug and Play

The MS575 is equipped with an advanced operating system

    • The MS575 is equipped with an advanced operating system – it has ground breaking and cutting edge technology including the LEVmaster MK5 loaded with many features that allow the operator to fine tune the MS575 to different applications for ultimate performance.
    • Remote diagnostic – optional wireless remote diagnostic which allows our technicians to remotely diagnose faults and take corrective actions and change settings to improve performance or prevent problems, from anywhere in the world, so that any issues that may arise can be resolved quickly resulting in less downtime.
    • IDA (intelligent drive assist) intelligent and innovative optional sensors incorporate with the LEVmaster MK5 – driving assistance systems safety with sensors which act as eyes and detect obstacles in front or at the rear of the machine, notifying the operator to prevent accidents or damage to the screed.
    • Variable vibrator – the LEVmaster MK5 is fitted with a variable vibrator which allows the operator to adjust the vibration force and speed via remote for ultimate compaction.
    • Auto calibration – the MS575 is equipped with customised auto calibration elevation valves to consistently achieve great results.
  • Concrete slump – the LEVmaster MK5 has five settings which the operator can select that enables the MS575 to function at its best in all types of concrete slumps (low to high).
  • Screed head 2 in 1 – the new design screed head allows contractors to use either the auger or double beam head to cater for all applications.
  • Paddle system – the Masterscreed innovation of the paddle system for extra support is ideal for rebar, mesh and upper level doors, with new quick bolt on system and wider 8″ (200mm) footprint for extra support.
  • MX wheels – the MS575 is fitted with MX tyres and has optional narrower elastomer wheels.
  • Vanguard big block 37hp EFI gasoline engine – offers high power with low fuel consumption and has a 3 year warranty.
  • 3D / GPS and Sonar Sonic – the MS575 is fully compatible to work with multigrade applications.
  • Pressure washer – is mounted on the MS575 making cleaning after work easier and quicker.
  • Laser grade set-up – laser receivers mast is fitted on the edge of the screed head for accurate positioning, with quick grade set-up allowing operators to set datum levels in a matter of seconds.
  • Data logging – the optional data logger allows contractors to keep records for each job, which can be downloaded and printed in graph format.
  • The MS575 is constructed from premium grade aluminium, TIG welded for superior strength whilst reducing weight which makes it possible to use the MS575 on many applications, i.e rebar mesh, upper level floors and ground slabs.

Why Choose MS575

Lightweight design for upper floor decking and high tolerance installations.


Remote Control

Text about the Remote


Vanguard Engine

Vanguard big block 37hp EFI gasoline engine – offers high power with low fuel consumption and has a 3 year warranty



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MS575 Specifications:

  • Engine: Vanguard 37HP EFI (27.6kw) – BIG BLOCK
  • Drive System: 4WD Hydraulic
  • Steering System: 2 Wheels Hydraulic (Rear)
  • Height: 4’ (1.2m)
  • Width: 3’ 6” (1.05m) *Transport
  • Length: 8’ 2” (2.45m)
  • Weight: 1,270lbs (575kg) *Dry weight
  • Fuel Tank: 6.6 Gallons (25L)
  • Elevation Control: LEVmasterTM MK3 advanced operating system
  • Diagnostic: hydraulic, electrical & LEVmaster MK5 (software) via 5″ colour display (Optional remote diagnostic)
  • Machine Operation Control: Wireless Remote
  • Laser Receivers: Trimble® 2 x LR410
  • 3D ready, GPS & sonar tracer (Optional)
  • Pressure Washer: 2000psi (Optional)
  • Screed Head – New 2 in 1 versatile head with auger and double beam in different sizes available.


2m (6.5ft)


1.2m (4ft)


1.6m (5’2”ft)


575kg (1,270 lb)

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